Media is thermometer of a nation. It shows the temperature of its governance. In a democracy, it records every micro change. Many feared that with increasing impact of television, Indian newspaper would perish. Technology has indeed changed the way newspaper is produced and read but it still is as important as ever. Proving out the law of media coexistence, vernacular and English newspaper have adopted well to multi-media as well. Away from their home-town, many access news at home through digital or web versions of their favourite newspaper.



External Affairs ministry has put together short video-clips on salient ideas  like art, music, religious harmony, traditional crafts etc. It appears that these clips have been edited out of several documentary films that Doordarshan channel routinely produces. Clear simple, often simplistic, narration helps carry the core ideas across. Someone needing a quick cultural acquaintance – a crash course – with India would find these clips from indiandiplomacy extremely rewarding. A better categorization along with primary information of each clip would make this interesting collection more meaningful.