From a certain angle, recent medium, Internet uses all other traditional forms of expression, largely words and pictures. Hardware and software technologies had constantly to grow to reach a point where audio and video could be successfully transmitted. It was only in past few years that net gained capability of communicating audio-visual content competitively. And just as tech-innovators had surpassed earlier barriers, in stepped  the profit-makers. All communication industries to date, labeled as horizontal networks, were designed with specific content in sight. Telephone lines were laid for express purpose of voice-communication; cable networks designed to deliver audio-visual content. Internet grew out of purposeless innovation It is because of such freedom as essence, that people could experiment with tools available, creating more tools in return which spawned the plethora of uncountable applications that constitute the web. When people say that internet has changed the rhythm of life, they hold an insight which they may not realize right then.

Internet has granted people the freedom to ‘be themselves’.  This freedom extends from fantasy to fervent or frivolous communication, to collaboration and creation. Such an experimentation branded rogue, Napster changed the way music was owned and shared. The slick digital compression of audio files has resulted in completely different way people hold music. Vimeo and you-tube are repositories of personal-professional video clips. Viewers get information, entertainment and motivation.

Not long back, film was looked down upon as a medium of diversion – mere entertainment – when the genre of documentary stepped in. It is only recently that after about 7 or 8 decades of its growth, that films could be recognized as tool for education, information and change. Internet could achieve this along with changing trade, commerce, entrepreneurship, politics and so much more within a single decade.

Probably as poetic-ironic fate in pace with its whirlwind growth comes the threat of its demise. Well, if not actual demise, then its throttling for certain. It shall no longer be free universal non-discriminatory access to all of internet. Paying the fee demanded by your ISP might unlock certain points, but ones controlled by competing corporation would still remain inaccessible. And so, the builders, innovators and users are expressing their call for true net-neutrality so that spirit of free inquiry and untrammeled innovation may live on.

Death of Internet

Internet is not a traditional network where costs remain material and escalate with use. It truly is virtual where costs disappear as the number of users cross a certain point. The medium fully uses itself in its defense.  The clean design of website has an instant appeal and before you realize you are going through its FAQ page. several videos on site itself and directs you to youtube for more. The video films range from short coverage of meetings, conventions, speeches, interviews to text-audio-picture montage like one given below.

A short film  by Circlecityrabbit

H.R. 3458 "Net neutrality" and possible internet censorship

Watch these video films on youtube till you are informed and motivated enough to make one of your own. Be sure to share them on all public platforms. Remember internet is more an organism than mechanism or object. A perfect illustration of this is John Gilmore’s famous quote: “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” He said this in 1993 almost before anyone knew what he was talking about. Who cared for Net, then? But things have changed and stakes are high. It is no longer the war industry that directs innovation; it is the video games industry which leads innovation.

Please inform others once you read answers to these questions given in the FAQ page.

What is Net Neutrality?
Who wants to get rid of Net Neutrality?
Is Net Neutrality a new regulation?
Isn’t the threat to Net Neutrality just hypothetical?
Isn’t this just a battle between giant corporations?
What else are the phone and cable companies not telling the truth about?
What’s at stake if we lose Net Neutrality?

Let us hope, we don’t spend too much of our energies in granting the net its neutrality, using our energies to express our creativity, just as unfettered internet grants us a chance to.