Another year of desires, aspirations, disenchantment and disgruntlement has come and gone. The Oscars have been announced. Innovation, excellence, merit, hard-work have been appreciated. Isn’t it amusing how a whole coterie devoted to creation of a hypnotic world of make-believe, gather in a grand show of illusions and break their hearts. It appears to be a case of mass self-hypnosis. Brilliant minds who create ever-new planes of existence, sit with anxious eyes sparkling with curiosity holding their breath, unmindful of the unchanging patter and rituals with church dignity and military precision, waiting for the sweetest sound — their name.

And ah! the spirit of ‘best man wins’ takes over. It is one more year of machinations, opportunities, love-hate relationships before this magic moment of transformation comes again.

Perhaps, and befittingly, this ceremony represents in a paradoxical manner the reality of love-hope-joy- resolution which stays in the backdrop, as these wonderful men and women use these ingredients to weave a visual chimera that eases the dry cackle of real life enough to keep it in motion.

Thank you all for your efforts.