*SPOILER ALERT: This review may ruin the fun for you if you understand it.*


  • Layers of existence
  • Noir elements
  • Questioning of reality
  • Brilliant pacing

Anti Nolanity:

  • Relatively linear timeline
  • Lack of closure
  • Non-retroactive climax


  • Best gravity-less sequence EVER.
  • Yay for teamwork!
  • Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Cane, Ellen Page (in that order).
  • Love Cillian Murphy, even though he’s not a good actor.
  • On the fence about Marion Cotillard.
  • Still hate Leonardo DiCaprio, even though he’s an amazing actor.

Last Word:

  • Not the best Nolan. Both Prestige and Memento are conceptually superior.
  • Still, miles ahead of regular Hollywood.
  • Special effects are amazing, most realistic to date.
  • Limited rewatch value.

~~ TerenceReview by Terence T. T